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Turn off noise, turn on productivity

Individual offices are outdated - more and more companies are opting for open office spaces. Open-plan offices promote communication and collaboration among employees, but there is a catch. Often, focused work and efficient meetings are not possible due to office noise. Our innovative pods for undisturbed conversations and meetings are designed to eliminate annoying noise and provide you with the space you need for your work.

These companies ensure a quiet working environment with the help of Skepp
    DB Schenker
    Lynk & Co
    Just Eat Takeaway
    Christina Toth
    Drexl Ziegler

Phone and Meeting boxes by Skepp

Skepp is your expert for room-in-room systems

How do you create an open and communicative, yet discreet and focused working atmosphere in the office? - With Room-in-Room by Skepp

Phone and Meeting boxes by Skepp

Skepp is your expert for room-in-room systems

Many companies today follow the design concept of the modern workplace and often rely on open-plan offices. However, this brings with it special challenges. Among other things, loud phone calls and other office noise can disturb employees, making it difficult to work in a focused manner or to hold efficient team meetings. Skepp offers the employees of a company a quiet place away from the hectic office environment with room-in-room systems. Meetings can also take place in an undisturbed atmosphere right in the office.

What are room-in-room systems?

Room-in-room systems are the optimal solution for designing efficient workspaces in open-plan and office environments. They create individual, separated work areas that can be used both for individual use and for team meetings. They are usually box-like constructions that can be set up within an office. Thanks to insulated walls and acoustic elements, conversations remain within the box and disturbing noises stay outside. With our clever room-in-room solutions, employees of any company will find the necessary peace, concentration, and privacy.

Price-Performance Ratio - Very good price-performance ratio & free service

Our products are unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio and feature attractive pricing while maintaining high quality. In addition, interested parties benefit from our free, customer-oriented advice, market transparency, and expertise in room-in-room solutions. We find the perfect solution for any type of company. There are also no limits when it comes to financing options. In addition to purchasing meeting boxes, we also offer leasing and rental options, allowing companies to be flexible at any time in acquiring phone and meeting boxes.

Quality & Warranty

Our confidence in the durability of our products is convincing, which is why a warranty of at least 2 years is just one of the many factors that speak for our boxes. All phone and meeting boxes in our range are of the highest quality, made from high-quality materials, and are offered by us at market-compliant prices. The sound insulation of phone and meeting boxes plays a particularly important role. Less noise means more efficiency. Multi-layered acoustic panels and high-quality door seals ensure optimal acoustics.

Service - We take care of delivery, assembly, and afterservice

Not only our products, but also our service is unique. At Skepp, we offer our customers comprehensive and personal advice to build trust and a successful relationship. Furthermore, we ensure a smooth delivery and assembly process for our boxes.

Showroom - Physical and/or Digital

If you want to see some phone or meeting box variants in person and be convinced of their advantages, you can schedule an appointment in a showroom near you through one of our experts. This way, you can experience the great quality of our products firsthand, test them, and find the right meeting box for your company. Virtual tours of our phone and meeting boxes are also available at any time. Some models in our range can also be configured online.


From bottomless, shrinkable, and expandable, to different colors and sizes, thanks to a unique range, both the function and the variant of a meeting box can be selected and/or configured. Additional flexibility is ensured by the various payment options: Buy, lease, or rent your phone/meeting box.


All our phone and meeting boxes are fully or partially made from sustainable resources.

Which room-in-room solution suits your company?

Are you convinced that a phone or meeting box is still missing in your office? Then choose from many options the suitable room-in-room system. Let our experts advise you. We help you by phone at +49 30 235 935 700 or by email at [email protected]. Together we will find the perfect solution for the requirements and wishes of your company.