hushphone Cosmos Grey

hushphone Cosmos Grey

hushphone Cosmos Grey
hushphone Cosmos Grey
hushphone Cosmos Grey
hushphone Cosmos Grey
hushphone Cosmos Grey
hushphone Cosmos Grey
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Exterior color Cosmos grey
Height outer dimension 223 cm
Included interior No
Number of persons 1
Outer length 90 cm
Wheelchair accessible Yes, optional
Width outer size 100 cm

Product information

The Hush Phone Telephone Booth: Creating a Quiet Space for Undisturbed Calls in an Open Office

The Hush Phone is a modern telephone booth designed to provide a tranquil space for uninterrupted phone conversations within a large open office. This high-quality telephone booth stands out with its comprehensive features and contemporary design. Hush Phone: A Noise-Free Area for Crucial Conversations

Within the top-tier Hush Phone telephone booth, important phone calls can take place without being disrupted by the ambient noise of the open office environment. This practical telephone enclosure serves as a location where sensitive discussions remain internal, ensuring that confidential calls can be conducted effortlessly. Additionally, the telephone booth can be utilized as a serene space for reflection or as a retreat to enjoy a brief respite from the dynamic and bustling open office.

Modern Features

The flexible telephone booth boasts an array of practical features, including USB ports and power outlets for charging phones or laptops during extended phone conferences. Furthermore, the Hush Phone telephone booth is equipped with a foldable table on which laptops or writing materials can be placed. It also features integrated lighting and active ventilation through two fans, ensuring that the air within the booth is refreshed every hour, facilitating effective work.

Special Features

The Hush Phone is delivered with exclusive interior furnishings. Interested in a phone booth complete with furnishings? Inquire about the possibilities! Dimensions: 223 cm x 100 cm x 90 cm (H x W x D) Premium Features: USB ports, power outlet, foldable table, lighting, ventilation through two fans with motion sensor.

The Hush Phone Telephone Booth offers an elegant and efficient solution for maintaining tranquility and confidentiality in a noisy office environment, making it perfect for crucial conversations and moments of focused concentration.

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