Meetingbox BOW Two Weiß

Meetingbox BOW Two Weiß

Meetingbox BOW Two Weiß
Meetingbox BOW Two Weiß
Meetingbox BOW Two Weiß
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Anzahl der Personen 2
Außenfarbe Weiß
Breite Außenmaß 248 cm
Einrichtung inklusive Nein
Höhe Außenmaß 249 cm
Äußere Länge 128 cm


Conducting video conferences and creating space for focused work is often associated with increased costs and elaborate remodeling efforts in open office concepts. With the BOW Two Meeting Box, an optimally acoustically isolated room-within-a-room solution is created in office spaces, offering mobile usability with high comfort and privacy. This Meeting Box can replace costly redesigns of the premises and simultaneously serves as a visual highlight in the office. This Meeting Box occupies only 3.17 square meters of space and can be easily adjusted according to needs and room concepts. Combining it with ergonomic furniture like an office chair and an adjustable-height desk can create a flexible workspace for concentration. On the other hand, with a chair or sofa, a comfort zone for creative regeneration can be set up in no time!

Meeting Box BOW Two: Flexible Room-in-Room Systems with many extras

This Meeting Box variant features multiple power outlets and USB ports to provide energy to laptops or mobile phones during video conferences. Additionally, this flexible room system includes active ventilation with a roof-mounted fan, allowing the room to be air-conditioned if desired. Air supply and exhaust, as well as lighting, are activated by a motion sensor.

Eye-catching design in all office concepts

The Meeting Box measures 249 cm (H) x 248 cm (W) x 128 cm (D) and is available in white and black colors. The interior surfaces can be individually customized to the company's image and office design through a selection of color options. The soundproof safety glass ensures a high level of discretion. The housing and frame of the Meeting Box are made of powder-coated steel, ensuring top-level quality. The sound-absorbing PET acoustic felt inside is made exclusively from recycled materials, creating a sustainable acoustic solution for modern companies. In industrial design, the Meeting Box is an eye-catching feature in all office concepts.

Special Features of the Meeting Box

- The Meeting Box comes with exclusive interior. Interested in a Meeting Box with furnishings? Inquire about the possibilities!

- Optimal sound insulation prevents conversation noise from entering office spaces.

- Flexible distribution of lighting and ventilation systems.

- Flexibly adaptable room-in-room solution for focused work and undisturbed conferences.

- The floorless design seamlessly integrates the Meeting Box into all types of flooring.

- Cost-effective and flexible alternative to expensive remodeling.

- Requires minimal space and provides an easily adjustable work zone.

- Thanks to the modular design, BOW's Meeting Boxes are infinitely scalable.

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