Height Adjustable Desks

Height Adjustable Desks


Height-adjustable desks contribute to a better body posture, higher productivity and they are more than worth the investment. Every person is different, especially when it comes to physique and height. That is why an adjustable desk is perfect as you can adjust to fit your physique and height. Would you like to buy a height-adjustable desk? Then you can immediately benefit from the above-mentioned advantages. Are you curious about all the other advantages that these desks have to offer? Continue reading!

What is a height-adjustable desk?

Height adjustable desks are also known as sit-stand desks. Whether you want to work while you are standing or seated, these desks make switching really easy because they are easily adjustable in height. The alternation of working posture reduces back pain, loss of concentration, and neck and shoulder complaints. Are you looking for office furniture for a new workplace? Then you should most certainly take a look at height-adjustable desks. 

What are the advantages of a height-adjustable desk?

1. Height-adjustable desks are ergonomically sound

A height-adjustable desk reduces and prevents back pain. Due to the standing working position, the spine assumes a natural position. This results in less strain on the back compared to working while sitting down. The height-adjustable desks allow people with back problems to experience less pain due to the balanced distribution between the vertebrae. By alternating postures you ensure ergonomics. To get a fully ergonomic workplace you will also need an ergonomic office chair.

2. Height-adjustable desks ensure higher productivity

Is the desk adjustable in height? That is very useful! Research has shown that working in a standing position makes your brain more active. This has the effect of increasing productivity and creativity. Did you doze off after your lunch break? Then the adjustable desk stimulates you to get over that dip.

3. Do you want to buy a height-adjustable desk? It is not such a big investment! 

Are you thinking of an adjustable desk? Then people often think quickly of the large investment that is involved. But that is not necessary! Our desks are well priced! In addition, you should consider all the benefits that come out of it. Are you buying a non-adjustable desk? This can cause physical complaints, limit productivity and ultimately result in absenteeism. By purchasing a height-adjustable desk, you will experience that it saves time, increases productivity, increases creativity and reduces absenteeism. This is due to the positive contribution to the ergonomic working posture. That sound like a win-win situation, right?

4. Height adjustable desks are available in manual or electric versions

Have you reserved a spot in your office for a height-adjustable desk? Then the next step follows: are you going for a manually adjustable desk or an electrically adjustable desk? With a manually adjustable desk, you can set the desk to the correct height by using a crank. Do you want a little more luxury and comfort? Then an electric desk can be adjusted to the desired working height with the press of a button.

5. Height-adjustable desks ensure better blood circulation

Where we previously mentioned that the adjustable desks contribute to an ergonomic working posture, they also have a positive effect on the blood circulation in the legs. By not sitting all day, but also working while standing, you ensure a better blood flow. By sitting all day, narrowed vessels can develop, which can, for example, cause you to quickly have cold feet or less feeling in the legs. You don't want that! By alternating between sitting and standing, the flow is optimal.

6. Choose convenience with height-adjustable desks

There are a few annoyances that arise when you work with a non-adjustable desk. This means that it will not be possible to find the optimal sitting position for your office chair, the height of the desk does not match your posture and there is no possibility to work while your standing. We can imagine that might be annoying. By choosing height-adjustable desks, you go for convenience and comfort. Adjust the desk to the correct working height, so that you can easily work from your office chair or get to work while standing up.

7. Furnish flexible workspaces with height-adjustable desks

As mentioned before, every person and every physique is different. Do you work in an office with a lot of flex workers? Then it is practical and sensible to place an adjustable desk in the office. For example, the flex workers can easily adjust the adjustable desk to their own body and height. In other words, the adjustable desk is no longer tailored to 1 person, but you can adjust the working height to your liking in an instant.

In short, thanks to height-adjustable desks you can get started right away and quickly experience the positive effects of the desk. Which adjustable desk will shine in your office soon?

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