Meetingbox Valletta M

Meetingbox Valletta M

Meetingbox Valletta M
Meetingbox Valletta M
Meetingbox Valletta M
Meetingbox Valletta M
Meetingbox Valletta M
Meetingbox Valletta M
Meetingbox Valletta M
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Exterior color Whitened oak
Expandable No
Exterior material Melamine
Exterior panel color Whitened oak
Height outer dimension 223,8 cm
Interior color Grafiet
Interior material Polyester
Lighting 6 dimmable LED spots based on motion sensor (8.92W | 3000K)
Number of persons 4
Outer length 197,2 cm
Power connections 2x 240V, 1x USB-A (5A) and 1 x USB-C (5A)
Ventilation Adjustable ventilation system based on motion sensor (8 fans with 800m³/hour capacity)
Wheelchair accessible Yes
Width outer size 277,6 cm

Product information

Are you seeking a solution to make the open office space in your company more productive? The Meetingbox Valletta M is the answer. This stylish, versatile solution is designed to dampen the noise of a busy office. It allows you to work in peace, conduct meetings or carry out other creative tasks.

Superior sound management

The Meetingbox Valletta M distinguishes itself with its excellent acoustic properties. Thanks to its special design, the box absorbs both incoming and outgoing sound. It is ideal for holding conversations without being disturbed by ambient noise. The acoustic walls eliminate echo, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. The fans in the box are as quiet as the rustling of leaves, ensuring you won't be distracted from your tasks.

Comfortable meeting solution

The Meetingbox Valletta M is not only a haven of tranquility but also an ideal space for efficient team meetings. The box can easily be used by four people and also provides convenient access to electricity. The wall-mounted display and wide-angle webcam enable external parties to participate in the meeting. The box's interior can be adjusted to your preferences, allowing for either a formal workspace or a more relaxed space with visitor chairs.

Smart lighting and ventilation

The Meetingbox Valletta M features smart lighting and ventilation to create an ideal work environment. Ten silent yet powerful fans ensure optimal airflow (max. approx. 800 m3/hour), while six LED lamps (8.92 W) with a color temperature of approx. 3000 K create a warm atmosphere. The smart control unit can be manually adjusted to maintain optimal ventilation and lighting levels.

Unique design options

With the Meetingbox Valletta M, you can give the office space a personal touch. The interior and exterior finishes of the box can be chosen separately, and both melamine and upholstery can be used for the exterior panels. Thanks to its unique design, the box can be placed anywhere in the office: in the middle of the room, against a wall, or as a standalone unit or a combination of multiple units.

  • Dimensions: 197.2 cm x 277.6 cm x 223.8 cm (D x W x H)

  • Offers superior sound management to create a quiet work environment

  • Ideal space for 4 people

  • Smart lighting and ventilation for a comfortable and productive work environment

  • Energy-saving design with automatic light dimming and shut-off

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