Phonebooth hushtwin White

Phonebooth hushtwin White

Phonebooth hushtwin White
Phonebooth hushtwin White
Phonebooth hushtwin White
Phonebooth hushtwin White
Phonebooth hushtwin White

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Exterior color White
Height outer dimension 230 cm
Included interior Yes
Number of persons 2
Outer length 90 cm
Wheelchair accessible Yes, optional
Width outer size 215 cm

Product information

The hushtwin Phone Booth - Two Independent Meeting Rooms in a Room-in-Room System

The hushtwin Phone Booth is a smart solution for teams in need of more privacy and retreat options within their offices. This room-in-room system consists of two adjoining cabins, each equipped with its own sofa, desk, lighting, and ventilation. The hushtwin is larger than the hushphone but smaller than the hushwork, offering efficient use of space.

Maximum Privacy for Confidential Conversations in an Open Office

The hushtwin Phone Booth provides unparalleled privacy for confidential phone and video conference calls. With its excellent amenities and effective sound insulation, this phone booth is the perfect solution for teams that require absolute discretion.

More Flexibility in the Office: The Mobile Phone Booth

Thanks to its flexible mobility and the ability to move the phone booth with a pallet jack, it's the perfect solution for dynamic companies, adapting to any office environment. With its compact dimensions, it occupies less than 2 square meters yet provides ample space for efficient work.

Green Oasis in the Office: The hushtwin Phone Booth in Combination with a Green Wall

Create a pleasant indoor climate in your office with the hushtwin Phone Booth featuring a Green Wall. The plants not only contribute to a pleasant atmosphere but also improve air quality.

Efficient Work in Stylish Design with the hushtwin Phone Booth

The phone booth is not only functional but also stylishly designed. With its high-quality design, it fits seamlessly into any modern office environment, offering an efficient workspace for teams in need of more privacy and retreat options.

Special Features of the Phone Booth

  • Two independent rooms within a single meeting cabin
  • Efficient use of space with compact dimensions
  • High-quality upholstery and sound-absorbing laminated safety glass
  • Occupies less than 2 square meters, suitable for nearly any organization
  • Ideal for teams needing more privacy and retreat options
  • Perfect for work requiring concentration and precision
  • Integrated presence sensor for automatic regulation of ventilation and lighting
  • Power outlet (230V), USB & RJ45 connections for electronic devices
  • Adjustable floor level
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