Working from home

Working from home


The home office is not only a temporary solution but it will also be a solution for the future. Research shows that employees already expect that working from home sticks around and that they will work more from home. This new reality does request a critical view of our current workspace at home. A healthier, safer and more ergonomic working environment will be more important than ever before. We spend an increasing amount of time at home and on our laptop. That is why you need an ergonomic working environment, which reduces your chances of getting physical complaints. The perfect ergonomic workplace for your home can be found right here!

Ergonomic workplace at home

Many workers often sit behind their desk all they because they have to do all their work activities from their computer. We can sometimes sit for hours in a row. When you work from home, it is important to keep moving and to switch sitting position every once in a while. In many cases, a non-ergonomic workplace can cause back, neck and shoulder pains, in other words: RSI is lurking around the corner. You can prevent these problems by placing ergonomic office furniture in your home office. This will improve your sitting posture and create more movement. As an employer, it is possible to let your employees work from home, but then you need to provide them with ergonomic furniture. With a great workspace at home, your employees will be more productive and you lessen the chances of people needing a sick-leave because of physical pains.

Do you want to rent home office furniture?

Would you like to provide your employees with ergonomic home office furniture? That is possible! We understand that employers might not want to pay one large amount and that you expect flexibility. SKEPP can offer you this flexibility. Our office furniture can be rented, bought or leased. Rent the office furniture that you need, so that your employees can work in a healthy and productive way. Do your employees once again start to work more and more from the office? Or do more employees work from home than expected? SKEPP offers the flexibility your company needs with monthly up- and downgrades.

Go with basic, comfort or pro

To make your choice easier we have composed several furniture sets. Here you can make the choice for basic, comfort or pro. The basic workspace consists of a standard desk and an ergonomic office chair that comply with the (N)EN 1335 norm. Would you rather have a little more comfort? Then you can choose a comfort workspace. This is a combination that consists of a manual sit-stand desk with an adjustable office chair that complies with the (N)EN 1335 norm. Would you like more luxury and even more comfort? Then the pro workspace is something for you and your employees. This set consists of an electric sit-stand desk with a fitting adjustable office chair. This chair complies with the (N)EN 1335 norm. Which home office set is the best fit for your company?

What is the (N)EN 1335 norm?

The people in Europe have considerable height differences. Due to these differences, Europe has compiled a standard to which office chairs have to comply.  In the Netherlands, the differences in height are on average higher than in Europe. To tackle this problem, a guideline has also been drawn up for the Netherlands. This is what we call the NPR1813 standard. In short, these are guidelines for the mandatory dimensions of office chairs. Is the (N)EN 1335 of less quality than the NPR1813 standard? No, this does not say anything about the quality or comfort of the office chair. Chairs with the (N)EN 1335 standard are suitable for 75% of the people, the NPR1813 for approximately 95%. This has to do with the length differences and thus the adjustment options. Both standards are justified by health and safety regulations. The biggest difference is that the NPR1813 chairs may have more adjustment options so that more people with different heights can adjust the seats as desired.

What are the advantages, for an employer, of facilitating home office workspaces?

Increase productivity: let employees determine which home workplace suits their work. Does the workplace meet all requirements? Then employees will be more productive. Save travel time: not only does working from home increase flexibility and a more rested staff, but it also benefits the environment. Goodbye physical complaints: your wrong working posture is a thing of the past with ergonomic home office work furniture. Employees can work without dropping out due to physical complaints. Distinctive fringe benefits: not all employers facilitate good home workplaces for employees, so this can be an attractive fringe benefit. Flexible payment options: whether you want to buy, rent or lease. You determine the way of payment and facilitation towards your employees. Nice, right?

Need advice?

SKEPP relieves you wherever possible. Do you want to order home office furniture? Then we will deliver the home office sets to the address of your employees throughout the Netherlands. Curious about all the possibilities? Then contact our experts. They are happy to answer all your questions about home workplaces or provide you with advice where necessary!