Meetingbox Persy Four

Meetingbox Persy Four

Meetingbox Persy Four
Meetingbox Persy Four
Meetingbox Persy Four
Meetingbox Persy Four

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Depth outer dimension 143 cm
Exterior color Customized
Height outer dimension 231 cm
Included interior Yes
Number of persons 4
Width outer size 224 cm

Product information

From now on, working in a quiet atmosphere is no longer a privilege. Room systems like the Persy Four Meetingbox are tailor-made for meetings that just can't wait any longer or for comfortable work in complete tranquility. In the Meetingbox with external dimensions of 231 cm (H) x 224 cm (W) x 143 cm (D), up to 4 people can hold meetings and collaborate on projects together.

Soundproof like no other box

When designing the Meetingbox, the focus wasn't solely on soundproofing the walls, but on all areas where sound could enter or exit the box. Five layers of sound-absorbing materials within the 8 cm thick walls each absorb different sound frequencies. Furthermore, the recycled PET felt integrated into the interior lining absorbs echoes within the phone booth itself. Ultimately, the use of 2 layers of glass limits the sound that enters or leaves the Meetingbox.

Integration of corporate colors with over 25,000 color options

Since this Meetingbox variant offers numerous customization options, it's possible to integrate the company's colors into the design of the box. With over 25,000 color combinations available for both the door and door handle and the walls, the box can be precisely configured and assembled to perfectly match the company's aesthetic.

Special features of the Meetingbox

  • Integrated spacious table (made of oak)
  • Over 25,000 color combinations
  • Cost-effective and flexible alternative to expensive remodeling
  • Requires minimal space and provides an easily adjustable workspace

Note: This product can only be delivered to D-A-C-H countries,  check out our alternatives here.

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